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De Bruce a Caitlyn Jenner … Y Por Qué la Disforia de Género No es un Transtorno

La transición de Caitlyn Jenner está, lo que llamaríamos hoy en día, "trending" en las redes sociales. Pero la lucha transgénero ha existido mucho antes de los días en que hubiera engalanado la portada de la revista Vanity Fair. Muchos pioneros transg... Read More

From Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner… And Why Gender Dysphoria is No Longer a Disorder

Caitlyn Jenner's transition is, what we would call in this day and age, "trending" in social media. But the transgender struggle has existed long before the times when it would have graced the cover of Vanity Fair. Many transgender trailblazers have come before Caitlyn: World War II era Army ... Read More

Muerte de Una Doctora - ¿Otra Víctima del "Cyber Bullying"?

La muerte de la doctora puertorriqueña Gloria Ortiz González es un lamentable recordatorio del poder de las redes sociales, el "cyber bullying" (acoso cibernético), las pobres condiciones de un sistema de salud público afectando tanto a pacientes como a sus proveed... ">Read More

Death of a Doctor - Another Victim of Cyber Bullying?

The death of Puerto Rican doctor Gloria Ortiz González is an unfortunate reminder of the power of social media, cyber bullying, the poor conditions of a public health system affecting both patients and their providers, the level of stress and the need for attention to the emotional well-being... Read More

Suicide: Faces We See, Hearts We Cannot Know…1

The recent suicide of actor Robin Williams is a tragic reminder of one of our society's epidemics. Many have been left wondering, "How can such a talented and funny man end his life?" Robin Williams' struggles with substance use and mental illness may have been public but, like many people around th... Read More

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